Results 2017 British Club Championships

Position Club
1st Wear Valley Blues
2nd Burnhill Ducks
3rd SportsAble Lionhearts
4th SportsAble Cavaliers
2nd Group Stage Second Placed Teams
Blindlife in Durham
  Fishburn Tigers
  South Witham

2017 British Club Championships Consolation

Position Club
1st Chocolate Penguins
2nd Dusty Monkeys
Losing Semi Finalists Wear Valley Reds
  Butterfly Bandits
Second Group Stage Third Placed Team Electric Eels

2017 British Singles Championships

Position Players Club
1st Tom Stubbs Fishburn
2nd Colin Welch Blindlife in Durham
3rd Ken Reader South Witham
4th James Sheppard Wear Valley
Losing Quarter Finalists Ian Donovan SportsAble
  David Wardle Blindlife in Durham
  Vivienne Davies SportsAble
  David Brown SportsAble

2017 British Singles Championships Consolation

Position Player Club
1st Bob Jackson Wear Valley
2nd Keith Jackson Wear Valley
Losing Semi finalists Peter Hempsall South Witham
  Brenda Stubbs Fishburn
Losing quarter finalists Jen Brown SportsAble
  Sue Walton South Witham
  Nick Gibbs SportsAble
  Jeremy Reeves SportsAble


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