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How can I become an Umpire?

Most people’s experience of umpiring is checking and recording the score at a league match or a club game. Is this all that umpiring is about? After all, it does not look a very fulfilling or enjoyable experience – boring almost. Let’s look at some of the things involved in being an umpire and you judge.

This list is not exhaustive but does demonstrate the importance of the umpires’ role in the successful staging of a match. New Age Kurling needs officials to make it function properly. 

Your involvement as an umpire will be fulfilling and rewarding, not just for yourself but for the players and spectators, and should repay your investment of time and energy.

We can give you the knowledge and assist you in building your umpiring skills then support you to ascend the umpiring ladder. 

There are 3 levels of umpiring qualification and each level consists of 3 steps:

For further details write to: Secretary by sending an email to the